Since I was a little girl, I spent hours dreaming about my wedding day, so naturally, shortly after I was officially engaged I found myself immersed in wedding planning, thrilled to finally bring my dreams to life. The Perfect Day was becoming a reality: Venue? Check. Dress? Check. Photographer? Check. Florist? Check. Favors? Umm...Stuck!

I spent countless hours searching for anything other than the ordinary, useless party favors. After many hours of brainstorming I had it: comfortable dancing shoes! The search continued to no avail; it was impossible to find an elegant yet affordable dancing shoe. Giving my guests a tacky pair of flip flops was not an option, especially after they had invested so much of their time in finding the perfect outfit. I came across a pair of plain, boring slippers, not exactly what I had envisioned and way over my budget. I bit the bullet and ordered 100 pairs for my female guests. As if I didn’t have enough to do, I searched for a way to embellish the slippers. Fifteen hours later, voilà the perfect slipper!

The work was worth it when I witnessed my guests kicking off their heels and comfortably dancing the night away, all while still looking fabulous. The slippers were a total hit! After my wedding many of my girlfriends have gotten married and have given me the task of crafting the perfect dancing slippers for their party favors, all while not hurting their bank accounts. That is how Verre Slippers was born.